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Ivana Pin - Gaiarine Ivana Pin - Gaiarine

About us

Ivana Pin has been working for over 40 years in the world of handicraft knitwear. She was only a teen when she is beginning to learn the secrets of this craft and the peculiarities of yarns and workmanship.

After gaining a long experience in collaborating with renowned fashion houses, in 1997 she decided to open up her own shop, in Gaiarine, Italy.

Over the years, she specializes in the production of knitwear for men and women, even tailored for both private and retailers.

She also creates an exclusive line of home clothes and dresses in wool and cashmere that allows her to be present in the best shops in Italy and Europe.

The accuracy of the finishes, the value of fabrics and yarns, the attention to the customer and the perfect blend of tradition and modernity have always represented Ivana Pin fundamental values and make it a unique reality.